Artist Statement

I am a fiber artist who focuses on sustainability and connecting with nature. I utilize the technique of ori-nui, or stitching, shibori while weaving my handwoven panels.  This shibori technique creates irregular patterns that are reminiscent of clouds in the sky, water ripples in a pond, or the sun’s rays shimmering in the breeze. 

 I source my textile materials domestically, ensuring they are organically grown and when using them, leave the smallest carbon footprint possible.  By using natural dyes in my artwork, I am ensuring that our water systems remain clean and free of toxins.

Using organic cotton yarns, the woven shibori technique and natural dyes, I am drawing my inspiration from Nature and unpredictability.  Through the hand woven process, the yarns are minimally processed, leaving bumps and blemishes that appear throughout the finished weaving.  The colors obtained for natural color vary season to season, and variables of time of day, temperature and harvest amounts can impact color.  For these reasons, the outcome of the final piece of art is left to chance.  The shibori resist patterns that are released at the end of the dye bath are like meditations, with each one suspended in a different moment in time. 



Sarah Eichhorn is fiber artist in Milwaukee, WI.  She received her MFA in Costume Design from Florida State University, as well as her BFA in Fashion Design.  While pursuing her master’s degree, Sarah continued to improve her skills while learning different methods of surface design through design assignments.  These skills are still evident in her personal design work, both fashion and textile, that is showcased today.

Sarah feels very strongly about sustainability, and sources her textile materials and natural dye supplies domestically here in the United States. Aside from her formal fashion and costume background, she is also an avid urban gardener and homesteader.


Curriculum Vitae